Pokemon Go Blamed For Rise In Severe Sunburn Injuries

Popular gaming app Pokemon Go is being blamed for a rise in reported sunburn injuries at local Emergency Rooms across the country.

Doctors don’t believe the severe sunburn is caused by the app itself but most likely because many of the users have not been exposed to sunlight in years. Dr. Peter Criss, Chief Dermatologist at the Hellman’s Clinic explains, “Many of these poor gamers have developed a non genetic form of albinism. Years and years of being sheltered from sunlight in their parents basements and closed bedrooms with only the glare of their monitor providing artificial light has stunted their bodies ability to produce melanin, this in turn has caused a shock to their system when they enter the sunlight for periods of as little as twenty minutes.”

Besides the rise in severe sunburns, doctors are seeing a rise in reports of sprained ankles from prolonged use of atrophied legs, and panic attacks from gamers experiencing sweat for the first time.

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