Dr. Amy Acton Resigns To Host Reality Series “Economic Punk’d”

The State of Ohio Health Director, Dr. Amy Acton has announced her resignation today.

Dr. Acton is reportedly stepping down from the post to pursue a career in reality television for VH1. The series titled Economic Punk’d is a mashup of the old MTV series Punk’d and Dr. Acton’s former career as prankster Ohio Health Director .

In the series Dr. Acton befriends naive Governors, Commissioners, and other Heads of State presiding over record economies. She lures them into taking the worst possible advice using health models based on incomplete science and conjecture, and tricks them into wrecking their economies, and best of all it’s all caught on tape!

“I’m really looking forward to sharing the series with everyone. It’s not only hilarious to watch the economies tank with the flimsiest of pranks, but there is gripping drama as well. We don’t just focus on the follies of the befuddled Governors, we also focus on the struggles of the citizens, or the peasants as we call them. Episode one features on of the most gripping moments in TV as the Governor tells a single mother of 3 that her business doesn’t matter. The tears are real, and make for such gripping TV”, said the Doctor.

We are told the series will debut in the fall for those that can still afford cable.

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