“Wet Bandits” Burglary Ring Suspects Spotted In Local Neighborhood

“Wet Bandits” Spotted Locally

Police are warning local residents to be on the lookout for a local burglary ring known as “The Wet Bandits”.

The alleged thieves are known to scout potential targets by posing as employees of a plumbing or heating company. The suspects then go door to door asking for entry into target homes to look for tap leaks.

“The Wet Bandits” Security Camera Footage
Police warn residents to not let these men in. They advise if you have not called for an appointment and you get a unsolicited door call of this nature to call police immediately.

After casing homes via their deception, the thieves are known to return to homes in the evening or when they suspect the home is vacant.

Police warn the suspects are possibly armed and dangerous and suggest that parents do not under any circumstances leave their children home alone.

Also in local news – Police confirm local resident “Old Man” Marley is not a serial killing suspect.

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