Russian Interference Feared In American Idol Voting

It is feared that Russian intelligence forces may have meddled in voting on the latest episode of American Idol.

Idol Host, Ryan “Red” Seacrest

The once mega popular singing competition made it’s relaunch debut this week and it is already broiled in controversy.

Superstar judge Lionel Richie and two other people, have seemingly only handed out prized golden tickets to singers performing songs with Russian ties.

Songs that got their respective singers through to the next round include the Beatles hit “Back In The USSR”, Blondie’s “Contact in Red Square”, Billy Joel’s “Leningrad”, as well as several Nickleback tunes.

While the Nickleback song lyrics do not specifically mention Russia, it has long been an accepted fact that Nickleback songs are a KGB plot to destroy Western culture.

WSMH19 reached out to American Idol produces for comment on the rumors of Russian interference, all of our requests for a comment were met with a firm, “Nyet Comment”.



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