Procrastination Study Results Delayed

A long anticipated study regarding the long term effects of procrastination conducted by the US Department of Health has been delayed once again.

Dr. Naughtnaugh

The study, commissioned back in 1985 was to be released by December 25th of that year but has hit a series of set backs.

Dr. Naughtnaugh who leads up the project commented on the delay, “I don’t think we will gt around to releasing it this year, hopefully sometime in early January.” He added, “If nothing comes up.”

The Procrastinators Victim Fund, which originally lobbied Congress for study funding has been very upset about the constant delays. Spokesperson Tina Layter expressed the dismay of her members. “The constant delay of this study is unacceptable. This study effects our membership directly. If we do not get some straight answers soon, our membership plans to formerly protest.”

After nearly 3 decades of delay, we asked Ms. Layter to explain exactly what time frame she considered to be “soon”, she replied that she would have to get an answer back to us later.


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