Panic Buying Causes Walmart To Open Register With Human Attendant

Coronavirus has caused a rash of panic buying across the nation of such virus fighting tools such as bread, milk, and toilet paper.

This rush of panic buying has caused a rapid uptick in business at Walmart, the uptick was so fast that Walmart’s self check out registers could not keep up.

“We had to react fast, so we put a person behind one of our diplay registers. We figured, what the heck, we have 16 checkout lanes that we don’t use?”

The switch did not go well at first. Many shoppers were startled wondering why this person was grabbing their hard fought Charmin. There were even a couple awkward moments when shoppers were asked to insert their card.

Walmart says they hope to be back to non human contact soon.

According to one Walmart manager there was a silver lining, the coronavirus did not coincide with a snowstorm. “I think we would have been facing a milk and bread apocalypse”.

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