OJ Simpson To Donate Unused Gloves To Local Front Line Workers

Former NFL star and Heisman Trophy winner O.J. Simpson is donating gloves to front line workers dealing with the recent crisis.

“I have a bunch of gloves in storage that I am giving away. They’ve been in storage for years, and honestly I can’t even remember why I bought them. I tried a couple on the other day and they were too small for my hands anyways. I am sort of a hoarder and thought maybe some day I would have use of them. I tried and tried to get them on and eventually decided if they don’t fit, I should probably quit.

Since they are of no use to me, I thought perhaps donating to front line workers.

I should be dropping them off this afternoon, I don’t really have enough room in my car, so my buddy Al is bringing his Bronco by and we will load them up in it”, said OJ.

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