MTV To Air Police Videos, & Immediately Ban Them In Symbol Of Solidarity

Cable channel MTV will briefly begin to air music videos this weekend. The channel which regularly aired videos through the 80’s and 90’s is set to resume playing to show their support for not supporting police.

“We are proud to announce will will introduce a block of videos this weekend featuring the 80’s rock group the Police. We will immediately pull the videos to signal our virtue. We don’t even play videos anymore, so it’s really big that we are doing this just to show we are doing something” said station manager Richard Wanker.

“We think it’s important to show the world that we aren’t afraid to take a stand against a band whose name is spelled exactly like the word POLICE. We are so brave for doing this, that I am literally getting chills. I said to myself, how much more virtuous could we be? And I think the answer is none, none more virtuous”, said Wanker.

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