Governor: Rioters & Arsonists Must Wear Mask & Maintain Social Distancing

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has issued an executive order directing all rioters and arsonists to wear facial coverings and maintain social distancing.

“The last thing we need is folks putting their health at risk”, said the Governor. “We realize maintaining social distancing while rioting and pillaging is not easy, a good rule of thumb is to stay one 72″ HDTV apart”.

In addition to the order to the rioters, the Governor has ordered businesses to limit looting capacity, and to place signage on the floor directing looters to and from the valuables to reduce time in their stores searching.

Arsonist who refuse to wear masks are subject to arrest or fines. Business that allow more than 10 arsonist on the premises could be shut down according to the order.

“We’re all in this together!”, he said.

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