Governor DeWine Pushes April Fools Day Out To June 1

Ohio Governor DeWine issued an emergency order early this morning pushing April Fools Day out to June 1st.

“We just feel under the current climate of the ongoing crisis that it is best to push April Fools Day out to June 1st. I can’t have on my conscience people having to pick between their health, and a really good honey of a practical joke or hoax,” said the Governor. “Plus, we have really ran out of last minute decrees to issue, and we think issuing this on the morning of April 1st, may be our best shot at creating at least one last good panic run to the stores.”

The Ohio revised code, vest the power to move April Fools Day with the state legislature and not the Governor so we reached out to the both houses for their response with no luck. The legislature has not been seen in about a month.


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