FBI Investigating Allegations That Melania Trump Plagiarized 2 Lines Of Speech

The FBI announced today that an investigation has been opened in to whether Melania Trump may have plagiarized 2 lines of her speech at the Republican National Convention.

A spokesman for the FBI announced the investigation, “It looks to me like we may have a very serious matter on our hands, this isn’t an innocent plagiarism deal like Joe Biden, or Michelle Obama when they copied stuff from other speeches, if it was the same deal you would not see the news coverage that we are seeing on this, I mean the press treats everyone the same.”

The Justice department also weighed in, saying through a statement, “We take accusations of plagiarism seriously, things we don’t take seriously are deleting emails, exposing classified information on private servers, and leaving ambassadors to die.”

The White House asked for the public’s help, “If you see something trivial, say something. All these cop killings and the flailing economy are really hurting our mojo.”

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