Eastgate Man Taken In Custody For Observation

An Eastgate man is in custody today after patrons at a local restaurant reported strange behavior.

Customers say the man came in the restaurant at 2:30 and started talking crazy. He reportedly told one diner he was “satisfied with his cable company and they had given him excellent service.” A female patron then asked him if he felt he was charged fairly for his internet, to which he replied, “The prices seem reasonable”.

An alert cashier immediately called 911. The man told the officers that on the rare occasions he does have to call his cable customer service “they are, prompt, courteous and play enjoyable music while waiting.” He also claimed to have received installation at his new address within the two hour window specified by the cable company.

He was taken into custody immediately and sent for psychiatric evaluation. Though there were some similarities to a widely reported incident earlier this week, police do not feel that this is related to reports of a man on the south side claiming he received affordable health coverage this past Thursday.

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