Russian Dressing At Trump Plaza Salad Bar, Dems Want Answers

The Trump administration is embroiled in another controversy today as an anonymous source revealed to CNN that President Donald Trump’s signature property has been serving Russian salad dressing at the salad bar located in the Plaza dining area.

Hidden Camera Picture Of Trump Plaza Russian Dressing
CNN reports that cases and cases of the Russian dressing are being passed through the company each year. The dressing according to CNN’s anonymous sources is brought in in bottles, and then special “handlers” in white jackets place the dressing on the salad bar. Once on the salad bar, agents of some sort go to the bar and douse their salad in the dressing, and then like drug mules swallow the dressing and smuggling it out of the building.

Top Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi has called for a special prosecutor to investigate what many are calling DRESSING GATE after seeing CNN’s report. “We need an unbiased special prosecutor to look into this ASAP, we cannot have undue influence on our politics.”

We emailed the former Speaker to clarify her full concerns about the Russian dressing, but an aid said she was attending a Saudi fundraiser with Hillary Clinton and was unavailable for comment.

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