CIA Analyst Links Aliens To Presidential Election Interference

A prominent CIA analyst believes that alien life forms may have interfered with the United States Presidential election this year.

As far fetched as it may seem to conservatives, the CIA believes that some bizarre procedure may have been done by these undocumented space travelers to Secretary Clinton’s head, possibly removing her head from the planet for a short period time. One official said, “We have intercepted several phone calls by “advisers” to Clinton over the course of the entire campaign, telling her directly, ‘You are going to lose this election if you don’t get your head out of Uranus soon!'”.

Agent Giorgio A. Tsoukalos tells that he believes evidence points to a concerted effort by space aliens to manipulate the election results, “We believe that aliens infiltrated the Clinton campaign in the Fall and used mind control devices to alter the race. Sure, Clinton ignored working class voters, she never campaigned in Wisconsin, and she barely paid attention to Michigan, and supported unfair trade agreements that only benefited globalists ect. But it’s highly unlikely voters would turn against such a humble, down to earth, sweet woman like Hillary without alien interference. Besides, it was her turn, so of courseĀ  it was aliens, man,” said Tsoukalos.

There also has been some rumbling about some strange comet activity in the Washington D.C. area, but the CIA assures us it is nothing to be concerned about.


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