Axl Rose’s Twin “Big” Huey Hits The Road With His Band

tng-fries“Big” Huey Rose, the lesser known (and much heavier) twin brother of Guns-N-Roses front man Axl Rose has announced he is launching a three state tour of Idaho, Arkansas, and Oklahoma with his band Taters-N-Gravy.

The band launched it’s eagerly awaited first EP earlier this month. Originally announced as a two disc double album nearly ten years ago, the album was much delayed due to what Huey has referred to as “trouble getting off the couch”.

The EP entitled TN’G Fries features 2 1/2 tracks. Track 1 is a cover of The Pena Colada Song, Track 2 Welcome To The Drive Thru, Track 2 1/2 Labored Breathing.

We asked the lead singer why he chose these particular tracks and why they decided on just two and a half tracks? Big explained, “Well track number one is a cover of one of my favorite songs.

Track two I realize many assume is a riff on my brother’s hit Welcome To The Jungle, but it’s not.  I wrote mine first, many years ago about an important day in my life. I was on my fifth trip through Rally’s one day to get another Double Big Buford and fries, and my blood sugar kicked in and I collapsed as I was counting out the change from my console, and as the manager was trying to revive me, he was all like, ‘Do you know where you are? You’re in the drive through Huey, you’re gunna die!’ I knew right then before I blacked out that I had a hit on my hands….if their defibrillator worked of course.

Track 3, a lot of people think is called Labored Breathing, but actually, that’s just a description of the track. Honestly I was out of breath and just kinda dozed off 45 seconds in, so we called it an album.”

Be sure to catch Taters-N-Gravy at the Boise, Idaho Sizzler on January 5th, the Little Rock Arkansas Denny’s on January 6th, and at the Route 8 rest stop in Norman, Oklahoma January 8th.


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