WWE Hall Of Famer Pete Rose To Be Inducted Into Reds Hall Of Fame

WWE Corporate Officer Kane Encourages Pete Rose
WWE Corporate Officer Kane Encourages Pete Rose

Major League Baseball’s Cincinnati Reds announced today that they would be inducting WWE Hall of Famer Pete Rose into their organization’s Hall of Fame this year.

Mr. Rose muddled about for years in MLB with very little recognition, bouncing between the Cincinnati Reds, Philadelphia Phillies, and the Montreal Expos, accumulating a mere 4,256 hits before fading into obscurity.

Brushing himself off after failing at Major League Baseball, Pete decided to try his hand at pro wrestling, where he excelled. Making a WrestleMania appearance in 1998 (his rookie year), he would go on to appear in the biggest sports entertainment event in the world a total of 3 times.

In 2002 Rose was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame despite persistent rumors that he bet on pro wrestling. Betting slips with Rose’s initials for WWF’s No Mercy 2002 and WCW Hog Wild ’96 PPV’s were leaked to the press. The accusations were investigated by then WWE President Jack Tunney who ruled the No Mercy betting slip initials inconclusive and that Hog Wild slips were out of his jurisdiction. Rose also faced accusations of tax evasion by Irwin R. Schyster, though no proof was ever offered by Mr. Schyster.

Many MLB fans are crying foul at the Reds’ induction and saying this announcement is only a publicity stunt, noting Rose was never able to accumulate even 4,300 hits during his tenure in the league. Pro wrestling fans are also bemoaning the induction, saying the Reds are only trying to ride on the WWE’s coattails, much like the Brewers were accused of when they erected a monument for WWE Hall of Famer Bob Uecker.

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