WWE Fans Worried Slammy Awards Fixed

Wrestler Kevin Owens Shocked At Losing Out On Physique Of The Year
Wrestler Kevin Owens Shocked At Losing Out On Physique Of The Year

Some WWE pro wrestling fans were very vocal in their concern that last night’s WWE Slammy Awards on the USA Network may have been fixed. The WWE Slammy Awards, for those that are unfamiliar is a yearly awards ceremony aired by sports entertainment company World Wrestling Entertainment.

Some fans were particularly upset at WWE Diva Nikki Bella winning WWE Diva of the year. “There’s no freakin’ way she beat Sasha Banks”, said disgruntled fan Stuart “Stewie” Ackerman, “Everybody hates the Bella Twins, or should I say Smella Twins, and Sasha is number one, everybody else is two or even lower! Nikki wouldn’t recognize a wristlock from a something that is not a wristlock!”

Others were upset at Kevin Owens losing out on Physique of the Year, “How does Kevin (Owens) not win, he has wrestled in Japan!”, said  Kenny Pena, “It seems like they only want to pick guys that diet and exercise for this award, it’s like they don’t even want to recognize the fact that he wrestled on the Indys (Independent Wrestling Circuit)!”

An anonymous source from the WWE writing committee reached out to WSMH and said, “I can assure you the Slammy’s were not fixed, if there is one thing the WWE and the entire writing committee prides ourselves on it is the purity of competition.

If the writers were to start rigging awards ceremonies, it could lead to people questioning whether the outcomes of matches or what the on screen characters were saying was predetermined as well, this isn’t the Miss Universe pageant for goodness sakes.”

This still did not calm the anger in some, “Like I said the last three weeks after I watch RAW, I will never watch again”, said fan Terry Dean. The WWE for it’s part has said that next year they will bring in Sgt. Slaughter to certify the vote, hoping to finally put this issue to rest.

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