Toilet Paper Stock Rises On News Of Taco Bell Dollar Menu Expansion

Famous restaurant chain Taco Bell announced today the expansion of it’s dollar value menu. The chain announced it would be adding 20 items to it’s dollar menu.

Charmin CEO M. Whipple
News of the additions has sent toilet paper stock through the roof. Charmin (NASDAQ: TPBNGHLE) and Cottonelle (NYSE: WHYPIT) were up double digits in end of day trading.

Charmin CEO M. Whipple said he did not expect such a strong reaction, and that all toilet paper manufacturing facilities will be going into overtime immediately to meet the expected demand, “We don’t want to get caught in a squeeze”.

In other related news Drano and Liquid Plumber have seen double digit gains on the Taco Bell news after being backed up earlier in the week.

Shares of Imodium AD are down.

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