Toilet Paper Preppers Get Last Laugh

For year’s Toilet Paper Preppers (or TPP for short) were the pardon the pun, butt of a lot of jokes. Today, no one is laughing.

“People would always ask, why do you need a high capacity toilet paper bunker? When we told them this day would come they would laugh. Who is laughing now?”, said a TPP who declined to share his name for this story. “People would say, no man needs 600o rolls, only the government should have that many rolls. How is that working for everyone?”

The TPP went on to say, “Do I feel sorry for the folks that were only able to get 50 or 60 rolls before the stores ran out? No. We warned them for years and they laughed. Now instead of Charmin, they are stuck with Scot, Sam’s Choice, and who knows what else. Who is laughing now?”

We reached out to Cornholio Industries, makers of the 6000 roll capacity TP Doomsday Bunker for pricing, they said due to the large demand they are currently not taking new orders until their back orders are filled.

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