Thousands Ill After Garth Brooks “That Summer” Remake Viewing

Country musician Garth Brooks has been blamed for an outbreak of sickness in Memphis Tennessee on Tuesday. The artist invited thousands of his fans to watch the world premiere of the video remake of his classic hit “That Summer”.

Brooks explained he was influenced by Stephen King’s remake of the Shining. “King decided to remake a picture more literal to his is words and not just a film based on focus groups, I wanted to do the same with this song.”

The crowd apparently started convulsing approximately sometime near, “and then I watched her hands of leather turn to velvet in a touch.” Medical personnel were called in by the time the video got to, “The sweat, the moonlight and the lace.”

We reached out to the country crooner for comment by phone, and spoke to a representative named Chris Gains who responded, “No comment”.

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