Local Road To Close 76 Years For Culvert Pipe Replacement

Drivers on Route 7 should be prepared for a slight detour when they begin their morning commute tomorrow.

Govt. Contractors Working On “Hole” Project
The State Department of Transportation tell WSMH19 that Route 7 will be temporarily closed while workers replace an aging culvert pipe 6 miles south of town.

While the current culvert had no known structural or safety issues, officials tell us that when funds became available for the replacement they said to themselves, “What the heck, let’s replace a culvert”.

Government contractors recently finished up the East Street “Hole” project, as well as the Route 33 “Curve Sign” project, and are looking to focus all of their energy on replacing the culvert.

Project Manager Rhodes Blocker said of the project, “This is a well funded project, we have two truckloads of orange barrels, and access to another if need be.”

Department officials do not expect the replacement to take longer than 76 years.

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