Large Collection Of Dinner Photos Fetches Record At Auction

Sotheby’s Auction House in New York reported today that a collection of dinner photographs sold for over $2000, believed to be a record in the US.

The collection belonged to Faye Booke, 108 of Hoboken, New Jersey. Fay said she started taking pictures of her dinner in 1927 when she was 20 years old. “I was just sitting there eating my dinner one day, and I thought to myself, gee whiz, I bet my friends would like to see this turkey stuffing before I eat it, and I just started taking pictures.”

Faye admits the food would sometimes taste a bit sulfuric while reminiscing about the one time when flash powder splattered into her potato salad, “I was almost ready to give up, I was always brought up that a true northern cook never mixes potassium perchlorate and aluminum powder with their Yankee Pot Roast, but thanks to the advent of flashbulb in 1929 I didn’t have to stop.”

Faye would spend her evenings in her dark room developing her pictures and sharing them with her friends. She said if they liked her picture, they would give her the thumbs up.

As for why she decided to sell her collection, “I think it’s time has passed, it seems like nobody likes sharing pictures of their food anymore.” Faye says she plans on taking the proceeds from the auction and buying stationary to write vague letters about people that annoy her, without actually mailing it to them directly.

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