Insider: Democrats Secretly Not Handling Clinton Loss To Trump Well

Washington D.C. Democrats may be putting on an outward facade of bi-partisanship and patriotic unity, but sources inside say they haven’t really got over Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential election.

These sources, while unverified claim that Democrats would secretly do anything in their power to destroy Donald Trump. This allegation of course flies in the face of the Democrats public actions. The Democrats have not at least publicly given any hint that they bear any animosity towards The President.

Most pundits we have talked find this claim absurd on it’s face. “Are we to believe the Democrats would do ‘anything’ to destroy the President? I find it highly unlikely that a group of honorable politicians would put political destruction ahead of policy making, jobs, and national security. What kind of bizarro world does your source live in?”

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