Global Warming Blamed For Only 30 Inches Of 2016 Blizzard Snowfall

Professor Taquer Mooney
Professor Taquer Mooney

Global warming rears it’s ugly head again in the Blizzard of 2016.

According to professional climatologists, the snowstorm pelting the northeast dropped only a mere 30 inches of snow on New York City, and it should have been closer to 31 and 3/16 inches.

Professor Taquer Mooney of the Association of Professional Climatologists explains, “Due to the increased temperatures caused by man made global warming warming, we believe that the amount of snow falling on New York City was reduced by nearly 3 inches, this of course could have catastrophic effect on the economy. We of course will need an additional federal grant of a couple billion dollars to prove this out.”

The Professor was asked how global warming comes in to play considering the current sub zero temperatures? Prof. Mooney replied to the reporter, “Are you a climate denier? How do you spell your name?”.  The reporter was promptly led away by federal agents.


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