Fire Alarm, Shots Fired At Nakatomi Plaza

Police, SWAT, and FBI are surrounding Nakatomi Plaza at this hour after a report of shots fired by a police officer. The police officer had stopped by the building after receiving what was initially reported as a false fire alarm on the 32nd floor.

A short time later in what was at the time believed to be a prank, a call was received by local police. The caller speaking on a restricted police band had stated that terrorist had taken over the building and had killed a hostage.

This prompted sending an officer for further investigation. The officer initially had radioed that the situation was cleared, but then immediately reported shots fired. Though unconfirmed at this time, reports say that the officer also reported that a body was thrown from an upper floor window.

Details on who may be in the building is sketchy at this time, a Nakatomi Corporation Christmas office party/ building construction party was reportedly taking place on the 30th floor. We attempted to contact Nakatomi Corporation executive Joseph Takagi for comment but have thus far been unsuccessful.

Sources tell us that a man named Hans Gruber has radioed the police with a set of demands. Again, details are unconfirmed at the time. Here is the unverified transcription of the radioed demands from Mr. Gruber:

“The following people are to be released from their captors. In Northern Ireland, the seven members of the New Provo Front. In Canada, the five imprisoned leaders of Liberte de Quebec. In Sri Lanka, the nine members of the Asian Dawn movement.”

Deputy Chief of Police Dwayne T. Robinson has assured the public the situation is under control.

We will post more updates as they develop.

WSMH19 News Team

WSMH19 News Team

The WSMH 19 news team prides itself in keeping you ill informed on all the latest news. "When news breaks, we usually get the blame."

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  1. Had a craving for Twinkies so I stopped at the AM/PM and they were out! Some cop bought them up and then took off in the direction of Nakatomi Plaza.

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