Controversy: Justin Timberlake SuperBowl Ad Featuring Grimace Hologram

There is a growing controversy brewing over this past Sunday’s McDonald’s SuperBowl commercial.

The commercial featured a singing Justin Timberlake along with a hologram of deceased former McDonald’s mascot Grimace.


Grimace was a star of McDonald’s commercials in the 70’s and 80’s and shot to fame quickly. He fell on hard times when his part in McDonald’s commercials was fazed out in the late 1990’s in favor of ads featuring groups of young adults smiling like idiots. Grimmace was arrested and convicted in the early 2000’s for several theft charges as he tried to make ends meet, but was issued a full pardon by Mayor McCheese in 2005. Grimace died alone in his home in 2007.

Friends and family of Grimace were notably upset at the inclusion of a hologram version of their loved one. Messages on the McDonald’s Facebook page spelled out that anger. “I’m not lovin’ it” said on follower. “I’ve never been so McDissapointed” said another.

We tried reaching out to Grimace former co-stars for reaction. Birdie was not available as of press time. Ronald McDonald who is still under contract issued a no comment. Finally Hamburlgar replied with a two word statement, saying only, “Robble, robble”.


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