Oscars Boycott Claims It’s Latest Victim

The growing movement to boycott the Oscars has claimed it’s latest victim. Oscar T. Grouch has been let go from his role on the popular PBS children’s program Sesame Street.

A spokesman for the Children’s Television Workshop who produces the show said, “Look, a lot of people are angry, and quite frankly, this is what you do when people are mad, you fire someone.”

We reached out to Mr. Grouch for comment, he told one of our reporters on the phone, “Sunny day, sweeping the clouds away, yeah right. I never could stand those clowns anyways, I am glad I was fired.”

Oscar Myer actor Richard Phil laid off as a result of boycott.
Oscar Myer actor Richard Phil laid off as a result of boycott.

For those unfamiliar with the boycott, it started this past week when multimillionaire actor and movie star (watched and adored by millions) Will Smith was not nominated for an Academy Award. His wife Jada Pinkett Smith called for a boycott citing racism due to the lack of African American nominees. This had nothing to do with the fact that her husband wasn’t nominated.

When asked why she did not call for a boycott in the previous decades during years when no Oriental, Latino, or other racial group was not represented she replied, “Well I can assure it wasn’t because I was upset my husband wasn’t nominated.”

Some protestors are so upset at the lack of African American nominees that they have asked Chris Rock to step down as host, so they can be upset at the lack of a African American host as well.

Meanwhile the Oscar boycott continues to gain momentum as reports of grocery stores removing Oscar Myer wieners from their shelves have resulted in the layoff of hundreds of Oscar Myer Wiener Men, also a statement was released earlier today by Garry Marshall and Paramount Television pledging to remove all references to Oscar Goldman from reruns of The Odd Couple.

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